About Us

At Wynexa, we have developed an advanced software solution designed to revolutionize direct mail marketing campaign tracking and management for businesses. Our cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enable unprecedented capabilities in tracking snail mail.

Using sophisticated AI algorithms, our software predicts the precise arrival time of mailings to their intended destinations. By leveraging machine learning and data analysis techniques, we provide clients with real-time visibility into when their mail was delivered, empowering them to efficiently manage recipients and optimize their campaigns.

Through our innovative platform, businesses gain a competitive edge by leveraging the previously unavailable insights provided by our AI-driven tracking system. With Wynexa’s software, managing and optimizing direct mail marketing campaigns has never been easier, as it empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and enhance the overall effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Our Team:

  • Kevin Le Blanc – Founder & CEO
  • Peter J. – Account Executive 
  • Asim H. – Software Engineer